Puhuri is a service for sharing project and allocation information across HPC sites. It connects users representing Resource Allocators with Service Providers and supports strong digital user identities from academia, industry as well as public sector (https://puhuri.neic.no/architecture/#puhuri-components).

Integration with LEXIS Platform

There are two main paths of integration with LEXIS:

  1. Information about existing resource allocation for specific users can be pulled by LEXIS for easier targeting of workflow executions.

  2. LEXIS users can use Puhuri for requesting resources for running specific workflows. Puhuri then allows Resource allocators to review and grant resources, possibly in a fully automated way.


Puhuri AAI can be integrated with LEXIS for providing easier access to user identities from Puhuri and easier membership management.

Puhuri AAI

Puhuri AAI is the identity component of Puhuri services and is responsible for delivering consistent identity information with a high level of assurance across clients and services of Puhuri. The registration creates a unique identifier (Community Unique Identifier, CUID) for the user in MyAccessID registry, which is used for referencing and linking user identity across the different services and sites. The user registration process can be started from the existing portal of Resource Allocators (e.g. national allocation portal) or from a Puhuri Portal, which is provided as a reference solution.

Puhuri AAI assures that supported identity providers release the attributes about user identity in a common way so that services could be built with end-to-end user authentication.

Users can optionally register SSH public keys with their MyAccessID profile, in which case they become available to the service providers that user gets access to.